Welcome to the 11th Solar & Storage Integration Workshop!

Attend the Workshop face-to-face in Berlin, Germany or virtually! The exact venue will be detailed later.

The Solar Integration Workshop is designed for…

…power system operators, transmission and distribution grid operators, solar inverter manufacturers, universities and research institutes, and consulting companies.

Special Topic Storage

One special focus of the Solar Integration Workshop will be storage integration. Many renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy produce variable power. Storage systems provide a way to level out the imbalances between supply and demand. Thus, electricity production need not be drastically scaled up and down to meet momentary consumption. Instead, transmission from the combination of generators plus storage facilities is maintained at a more constant level. Storage systems constantly grow in their usability, efficiency and number of use cases. More than enough reason to discuss the development in storage integration in detail and dedicate this year’s special topic to storage.

Topics of the Workshop


Topic IconProject Experience with PV and Battery Grid Integration

Topic IconGrid Forming Aspects and Experience

Topic IconPower System Studies

Topic IconDistribution Grid Issues

Topic IconTransmission Grid/Power System Issues

Topic IconPower Quality Issues

Topic IconGrid Code Issues and Future Aspects

Topic IconSolar Power and Battery Modelling Issues

Topic IconPower System Balancing Issues

Topic IconAncillary Services with PV and Batteries

Topic IconForecasting

Topic IconHybrid Power Systems

Topic IconSmart Grid/IT Innovations

Topic IconEnergy Market and Regulatory Issues

Topic IconDecarbonization of Energy Sectors

Topic IconAI and Machine Learning for Grid Integration

Topic IconSector Coupling Based on PV incl. Hydrogen


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