The preliminary program will be released on 24 August 2020.

Click on the links below to see the program of the previous workshops and have a look at the presentations of 2 specific sessions of the Solar Integration Workshop in Dublin 2019:


Presentations of the Solar Keynote Session 2019

Accommodation of Solar Rooftop Photovoltaic on ESB Networks
S. Pukhrem, A. Walsh (ESB Networks, Ireland)

Innovative System Services for Facilitating Integration of High Levels of Wind Generation
N. Delaney (EirGrid Plc., Ireland)
> Presentation

System Services – An Investors Perspective
P. Harte (Ireland)
> Presentation

Status of Power System Transformation: The Energy Transition to Boost System Flexibility
P. Vithayasrichareon (IEA, France)
> Presentation

The Evolving Role of Northern Ireland’s Distribution Network
Roger Henderson (Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) Networks, Northern Ireland)


Presentations of the IRENA session 2019

The Knowledge Framework for Power Sector Transformation
Raul Miranda (IRENA, Germany)
> Presentation

Secrets of Successful Integration
Debbie Lew (Debra Lew LLC, United States)
> Presentation

Experience from Wind and Solar Integration: IEAWind Task 25
Hannele Holttinen (IEA Wind Task 25 | Recognis, Finland)
> Presentation

Wind and Solar Integration at ERCOT: Experiences and Best Practices
Julia Matevosyan (ERCOT, United States)
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