Workshop 2017

The next workshop will be held in Berlin/Germany, 24-25 October 2017.

Call for Papers

To submit a paper, upload an abstract of maximum 3,000 characters (free style) between 01 March and 28 May 2017 here:
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Final papers must then be submitted online by 31 August 2017 at the latest.

As the conference language is English, all abstracts have to be written in English.

Authors will pay a reduced workshop fee.

All participants are responsible for paying their own travel and hotel expenses.

Proposed Preferential Topics

Project Experience

  • World-wide project experience related to grid connection of PV/CSP/storage
  • World-wide experience with large-scale integration of PV/CSP/storage into power systems
  • World-wide experience with balancing power systems with high shares of PV/CSP/storage/variable renewable energy (VRE)
  • World-wide PV/CSP/storage/VRE grid integration experience – the TSO perspective

 Power System Studies

  • World-wide PV/CSP/storage/VRE grid integration studies – methods and results
  • PV/CSP/storage/VRE integration study methodologies and data requirements

Distribution Grid Issues

  • PV/CSP/storage devices in distribution/weak grids – connection experience and studies
  • Protection aspects related to PV/CSP/storage in distribution grids
  • Voltage control with distributed PV/CSP/storage technology

Transmission Grid/Power System Issues

  • PV/CSP/storage performance for power system operation and interconnection with the grid
  • Dynamic line rating/online dynamic security assessment and high temperature overhead lines for the integration of PV/CSP/storage VRE
  • Transmission grid planning with high shares of PV/CSP/storage/VRE
  • Impact of N-1 regulations on power system operation with high shares of PV/CSP/storage/VRE
  • Conversion of AC power lines to DC lines to facilitate higher shares of PV/CSP/storage/VRE in power systems
  • Power system automation and its benefits for PV/CSP/storage/VRE integration
  • Inertia aspects related to high shares of PV/CSP/storage/VRE in power systems

Power Quality Issues

  • The impact of PV inverter on power quality
  • Power quality aspects with PV and inverter based generation in scenarios with high penetration

Grid Code Issues

  • World-wide interconnection standards (grid codes) for solar power plants, for system planning and interconnection studies
  • Compliance testing for grid codes – world-wide status and approach

Solar Power Modelling Issues

  • Solar plant/storage models for interconnection and planning studies
  • Modelling of inverters and solar power plants/storage devices for system integration studies (static and dynamic)
  • International modelling standardization activities
  • Modelling solar power plants output variability and assessing the impacts

Power System Balancing Issues

  • Power balancing methods and solutions, e.g. balance markets, to manage PV/CSP/storage/VRE variability in power systems
  • Flexibility of the conventional power plants
  • New power system operation tools and methods for balancing PV/CSP/storage/VRE

Ancillary Services

  • Ancillary services from solar power plants – world-wide status and experience


  • Solar power production monitoring and prediction systems
  • State-of-the-art solar power forecasting, scheduling and opportunities for improvement
  • Demand forecast with distributed PV/VRE

Hybrid Power Systems

  • Design and operation of hybrid systems with utilizing PV/storage devices

Smart Grid/IT Innovations

  • Innovative Smart Grid solutions utilizing PV/storage
  • IT technology for the integration of PV/storage
  • Microgrids and other new ideas to increase the share of PV/storage/VRE in power systems
  • Virtual power plants utilizing PV/storage
  • Demand response in smart grid context
  • New and emerging features of power systems with high share of PV/storage/VRE

Market Issues

  • World-wide market design and regulatory issues related to PV/CSP/storage/VRE
  • Design concepts for ancillary services with PV/CSP/storage/VRE participation
  • Evaluation of rules and mechanisms for integrating PV/CSP/storage/VRE  in electricity markets

Regulatory Issues

  • Storage solutions and relevant regulatory issues
  • Innovative Smart Grid solutions and relevant regulatory issues

Decarbonization of Energy Sectors

  • Sector coupling – transportation, heat and electricity sector coupling for decarbonization of energy sectors
  • Modelling of sector coupling with focus on solar power